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AnalogIST : reverse proxy log analyses with ezPAARSE

AnalogIST is a website which hosts a functional ezPAARSE installation for users in academic and research institutions.

It is also a collaborative space allowing users to share analyses of academic and scientific publishers' platforms.

ezPAARSE is a software released under a GPL-compatible licence able to mine, analyse and enrich the logs generated by reverse proxies (ezProxy, Biblio PAM, Squid, Apache) which record access to academic and scientific publishers' platforms.

It is a Web-based application with an online form and an API allowing both on-demand and automatized treatment of these logs.

Version française

We are currently updating the content for some pages because their content is now obsolete (and marked as such before they are archived)

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How to help

To contribute to this wiki, you must first ask for credentials. Please send us a mail : analogist_at_couperin_dot_org

More information

A sample (and simple) case of an ezPAARSE installation.

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