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How to use ezPAARSE

ezPAARSE is an open-source software that can ingest and analyse your (proxy) log files and show how users access suscribed electronic resources. It filters, extracts and enriches the consultation events that were spotted and produces a CSV file following COUNTER codes of practice.

This page describes how to install and run ezPAARSE on your computer - from log files right up to displaying data in graphs with Excel.

0- Input data

You first need access to the log files that are produced by your proxy server (e.g. EZproxy). If you don't have these files, you can test ezPAARSE with some test files (those are anonymised files, generated with our logfaker tool which comes with the ezPAARSE package). You should download these to a repository.

The small- medium- big- options refer to the different size of the files. They allow you to test the capacity of your installation. They all contain the same data.

1- Work with the form

The ezPAARSE form allows you to send your log files for analysis. Most of the time, you can use the default parameters.

2- Test with logfiles

Thanks to the form, you now have selected log files to process. They are either your own files or files you previously downloaded (see step 0).

3- See the results with Excel

When the process has run successfully, you will have downloaded the resulting csv file.

You can now display the csv file tabular content in your favorite spreadsheet program (double click on the file or “Open”) or get a first graphical representation with Excel (see below).

The ezPAARSE distribution contains an Excel file with macros so the results can be displayed on a graph (misc/windows/ezPAARSE-Render.xltm).The distribution also contains an LibreOffice file with macros if you don't own excel.

Open this Excel file (for this, you can use the ezPAARSE menu under Windows) and don't forget to activate macros

Two spreadsheets are there, one of them is called Menu

Load the csv file into this Excel file by clicking on the button “Download”

When the cv file has been automatically loaded into the ezPAARSEdata spreadsheet, the first statistics will appear in the Menu spreadsheet.

You can generate additional spreadsheets by clicking on the “Calculation” button.

Every spreadsheet DateConsultation, LoginConsultant, DomainConsultant, JournalConsultation contains a graph (bar or pie charts) based on data from the ezPAARSEdata spreadsheet.

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